Stunning Wedding Ice Sculptures in Los Angeles

Wedding events and ice sculptures are kinetically attuned to one another and ice artistry really counts when it’s personal.

LA Ice Art offers stunning wedding ice sculptures in Los Angeles. Rex Covington, the dedicated LA Ice Art owner, and talented ice artist serves bride and groom-related events to Los Angeles, Hollywood, and throughout California. With more than 30 years of experience, Rex is incredibly skilled in crafting all types of ice artistry, and with your custom design, we’ll make your wedding ice sculpture a true masterpiece.

Ice Sculptures for Wedding Receptions Everywhere in California.

Celebrate your special day of love with LA Ice Art’s stunning ice sculptures for wedding receptions throughout California! Using traditional designs or something fantastic and completely custom, we’ll create your wedding ice sculpture with you and your guests in mind, and take your wedding event to the next level. Ice luges, ice seafood displays, and ice bars can all incorporate your monogram or initials to personalize and commemorate what’s meaningful to the bride and groom.

With LA Ice Art, our client’s satisfaction is our ultimate priority. We provide waterproof rental lights, drainage, and display equipment, which makes us the choice of inspiration and confidence for your weddings’ ice necessities and desires. Let us exceed your expectations with incredible craftsmanship, professionalism, and attention to detail. Please call us or use the Get a Quote form to start the process of having a glamorous ice sculpture at your wedding.

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