About The Artist | Rex Covington

Born and raised in La Jolla, California, a quiet and conservative city in the shadow of San Diego with lots of hills and even more beaches, Rex grew up with a keen interest in all things connected to the ocean, school sports, music and art. Having two parents that came from the entertainment industry, his early years were creatively inspired and a certain rebellious, independent nature emerged that included practical jokes, daring adventures, and ambitious dreams of travel and excitement

The adults of that era were conservative, and the kids got a little stir crazy at times. High school life was a key time of creative learning for Rex and his interests in music and art were quickly shaping his goals for the future. College at San Diego State Univ., with its 53,000 students, was a dramatic taste of the big world.

Los Angeles quickly became a permanent home for Rex as he began an artistic career sculpting ice, and working a few years as a decorative painter. As his sculpting skills improved, and his ice business grew, the hard work paid off, and LA Ice Art is now an industry leader in the Los Angeles area. He currently remains in Los Angeles, not far from the ocean that he loves. Rex now focuses mainly on running LA Ice Art, traveling abroad, and enjoying life in any number of interesting ways

After finishing college, the lure of Los Angeles proved to be the perfect escape from the slower paced lifestyle of San Diego, so Rex quit his waiter job in the south, and found one to the north, at RJs, in Beverly Hills. Little did he know, that restaurant, with its Sunday brunch and flamboyant chef, would soon open a door to the rest of his life.


Graduated LCDS with emphasis in music, art and athletics on a full scholarship.


Graduated San Diego State Univ.: Major in Drama, minor in English. Also pursued various art classes for personal enrichment.


Moved to Los Angeles and became employed as a waiter at RJ’s in Beverly Hills


Volunteered to sculpt ice for the restaurant brunch. Starting pay per ice sculpture: 0 As his skills improved, his compensation increased from $15 to $25 to $50, and six months after his initial attempt, he was approached by an individual for a wedding sculpture. That day became the official commencement of his self-employment as an ice sculptor


Became self supported by ice sculpting alone.


Established LA Ice Art and launched the web page, which increased business significantly


Started an ice house with ice block manufacturing, sculpting studio, office and freezer.


Expanded business to include CNC capable machining for perfect logo reproduction


Brought his son, Barrett Covington, into the business as a talented apprentice, making LA Ice Art a family enterprise destined to carry on for decades to come.


Rebuilt the web site with over 150 current photos, so as to be fully integrated in todays digitally advanced world of social media and mobile phones, making the search for your perfect ice sculpture easy and dependable.


Rebuilt the web site with over 300 current photos expanding catagories to make finding and booking ice sculptures as easy as possible; SEO, social media, mobile phones and branding being the emphasis. 

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