How far in advance must an order be placed?

1 week or more is advisable – the more time we have to plan, the better results and satisfaction you will have.

How long will my sculptures last?

Most sculptures will look great for 6 to 8 hours. Details such as noses, fingers and feathers will, in that time, lose their shape, but I’ve found that parties longer than 8 hours tend to love their ice sculptures at the end as they marvel at the kinetic transformation taking place before their eyes. It’s also possible they’ve had a couple drinks.

How much do ice sculptures cost?

Single block sculptures start at $375, but discounts are available for those willing to pickup their own sculptures such as local fraternities like USC and UCLA here in Los Angeles, California. Tray/light rental is $75.

How do you get the ice to be so clear?

Water is circulated while freezing from the bottom to the top. Since the water is moving, the ions of impurity like calcium, salt, alkylyn and chlorine rise to the top and don’t freeze until the very end, which makes them very easy to carve away. The blocks are called Clinebell blocks because they come from the famous Clinebell machine. End of lecture.

What are the size of ice sculptures?

1. One block ice sculptures are typically 20” wide x 40” tall. The waterproof light box, which sits under the sculpture in the tray, is 5” tall. With the light, the overall height becomes just under 4’ tall. (Approximate weight, 150 lbs.) Tray sizes vary, but the small tray, which is useful for 1 block sculpts., has a footprint size of 25”x 15”. All metal trays have a drainage tube for water drainage typically to a 5 gallon bucket or bus tub under the table.

2. A two-block ice sculpture is typically 40”x 40”H. (4’ tall with light box) A faintly noticeable horizontal seam is typically through the middle. Most of the time, surface detail or logo markings etc. will mask the seam making it virtually unnoticeable. The tray size most often used for this sculpture is 46”x15”. This sculpture is easily presentable on a 4’, 6’, or 8’ skirted table so a bucket or bus tub can be hidden underneath. An extra tablecloth can be loosely wrapped around the tray for a more elegant look. (Approximate weight, 250 lbs)

3. Tall two-block sculptures (6’-8’) such as a Statue of Liberty, Statue of David, Empire State Building, or giant number 5, can be placed in a small tray, but because of their height and a possible safety concern, are not usually placed on tables. Small pedestals that are knee height and self-contained for drainage are available as a rental item.

4. Ice bars available are normally 4’x4’, 8’x4’, 12’x4’, or larger. LA ICE ART has modern ice bar pedestals that are fully self-contained for drainage and lights. There are also multiple fabric color choices for the skirting that wraps these pedestals. Please inquire.

How do you deliver ice sculptures without their melting or breaking?

We make proficient use of insulated blankets (furni pads) and dry ice. Surprisingly, the ice doesn’t melt much in the first 20 minutes out of the freezer. As necessary, dry ice can prevent further melting for a considerable length of time. I have preserved multiple ice sculptures in a van on a very hot day with dry ice for up to 8 hours with unnoticeable melting! This does require a considerable amount of dry ice and can be costly. Also, if you’re in the van, it can get hard to breath as the carbon dioxide displaces the oxygen, but that’s another story.

Can you color the ice block and can you freeze objects into the ice?

Yes and yes. (Extra charge) (See popsicle photo & Super Ball Ice Bar)

How long does it take to carve an ice sculpture?

A simple ice sculpture takes about an hour. A difficult one might take many hours or even days.

What tools do you use?

The primary tool of most ice carvers is a chainsaw. Chisels, routers, disk sanders, straightedge levels, large compass, tape measure, blowtorch, dynamite and waterproof clothes are also used. Can you guess the item that doesn’t belong?

How to pickup and deliver your own ice sculpture?

A blanket and two towels are needed to deliver an ice sculpture. The usual 1 block piece is about 130 lbs. and it’s slippery and fragile, so more than 1 person is strongly suggested. The towels are used for handling the ice to prevent a slippery grip. The sculpture is laid down on the blanket (or furni pad) in the vehicle and then wrapped over to protect from sun and wind. This also helps to prevent sliding around and breaking. If you have a hand-truck, the sculpture can be wheeled on it, or 2-4 strong people can carry it by hand. Arranging a pickup time is a must, as many times the ice house is locked because we’re all out doing deliveries. To avoid delays, please call Rex’s cell phone (323 578-4244) 30-60 minutes prior to the agreed upon arrival time. By doing this he can check to make sure someone will be there, and if necessary, adjust the time accordingly. Please be advised: payment in full must be made at pickup, and all responsibility for the ice sculpture after that will be your own.

Terms and Conditions

1. Normally, when an ice sculpture order is agreed upon, an invoice is emailed to secure the job and commence billing. Delivery of the ice sculpture is usually timed to arrive one hour before the guests arrive. This leaves ample time to setup, decorate and leave before the party starts. Most often, the client has agreed to return the equipment (tray and light box) on the next day or arrangements have been made for LA ICE ART to pickup the gear (an additional charge) the following morning or that night if necessary.

2. Traditionally, a 50% deposit is paid at the time of invoicing, and the balance is paid in full before the event date and delivery. Some people prefer to pay the whole amount well in advance to insure booking and not have to worry about finances the day of.

3. Cancellations need to happen one week or more before the event date, as we often commence work early on projects. Please be considerate and notify us ASAP if your event has been cancelled or moved to another date

Just For Fun

Do you get to go to all the hottest parties in LA?

Do you do any other work?
No, I’m one of a handful of ice sculptors in LA who have the privilege of sculpting full time. I do however, work hard at enjoying my free time and spending time with my kids. My other hobbies include travelling, soccer, surfing and sailing.

Do you work in a freezer?
No, it’s too cold. Would you like to work in a freezer for two hours? Besides, it’s messy and unnecessary. The blocks don’t melt that quickly and the finer details are sculpted last. An experienced ice sculptor doesn’t take all day and in the event of a highly detailed piece or a heat wave, the unfinished work can be put back in the freezer for a spell. Exception….CNC production occurs in the freezer, but technically, that’s not me.

What’s your favorite ice sculpture that you have done?
The space station from Deep Space Nine was cool. It was made using 13 pieces stacked together and had a seven foot diameter in 3D. Another fun one was the 14’ long great white shark with a gaping jaw/throat that allowed a person to slide completely inside of the mouth.

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