Ice Wrangler Hall of Fame

Stalwart and brave individuals are counted on routinely to move, transport, and install valuable ice sculptures throughout the city streets of Los Angeles. 

These hard working heroes are stress-deflecting sub-contractors that are known as, Ice Wranglers, and LA Ice Art salutes you. 

George Gross

A seasoned pro with expertise in all areas of ice wrangling including solo team command (Temecula & Santa Ynez), back-up sculpting, logistics and retool consultation. George went the extra mile to get the job done and his service in the core was an asset unparalleled. Highest marks in strength, creative planning, leadership and constitution.

Corey Whitaker

Extensive experience with all size sculpture installations, Corey’s positive attitude and willingness to learn (and earn) propelled him to the top of his field. Unafraid of any challenge, his hard work ethics enabled him to carry two jobs, college classes, freezer sludge shifts and a full time girlfriend while still working the graveyard strike shifts with LA Ice Art. Highest marks in comradery, dedication, reach and execution.

Tommy Blatnik

Creatively inclined and extensively experienced in media production, hard work in the ice wrangling trenches came as easily to Tommy as mingling into the celebrity filled parties that often become part of our service in the core. Often demonstrating his precisely planned moving, lifting and installation skills, Tommy has proved himself amongst the elite ice wranglers on record. Perhaps of greatest value, his innate marketing abilities and smooth promotional skills have secured him an extensive resume of high profile jobs and experience. Highest marks in promotion, precision and logistics.

Ralph Corbin

Born with an ice block under each arm, Ralph is a natural at ice wrangling. Having been in the ice business all his life and currently running his own ice distribution company in Los Angeles called Cal Ice Inc., Ralph has become an integral part of the operations that are LA Ice Art. His herculean strength and immeasurable experience make him an instant leader in the ice wrangling core. Highest marks in strength, promotion, execution and ice truck availability.

Brian Carter

A music composer by trade, but built with the strength and instincts of a grizzle bear, Brian’s love for interesting work and celebratory exposure made him an instant success in the ice wrangling core. His positive attitude, unafraid determination and unsurpassed social skills have made him an invaluable asset on large scale, multi-block ice installations from Malibu to Beverly Hills. Highest marks in promotion, strength and social propagation.

Barrett Covington

Having the genes of an ice sculptor, Barrett’s already expansive experience in the core of ice wranglers has proven him to be a valuable addition on any ice sculpture installation. His strength is substantial and his positive attitude and incentive for setup preparation and time maximization are amazing. Fully CNC capable and a delivery/installation expert, Barrett is also entering the field of sculptors as an artist and a full partner at LA Ice ART. His future in the core is looking brighter and brighter.

Jim Sullivan

An artist by nature, Jim’s extensive experience with art installation, hands on construction and left-bank minded artists (like ice sculptors) made him an instant pro as an ice wrangler. With skills for moving, loading and installation, as well as considerable strength, aptitude for logistics and bravery in the face of a daunting challenge (12′ wing installation), Jim’s professional attitude and abilities make him a reliable member in the core. Highest marks in multiple skills, execution, logistics and promotion.

Riley Covington

Bravely entering into a field of men, and undaunted by being the youngest member of the ice wranglers hall of fame, Riley’s unswerving dedication to help in any task applicable pays off in spades when she’s serving in the core. Having a natural propensity to lead, and with skills that include attention to detail, logistics planning, and an innate promotional disposition, she has grow exponentially in the ranks now executing solo installations and site command, she will always be a valued asset on the team. Highest marks in dedication, incentive, logistics and promotion.

Peter Morse MD

A doctorate in practical physics is always useful and knowledge of frozen water molecules and ice probability is often as important as a strong right arm. Pete’s always-positive attitude, diligent attention to logistics and preparation make him a reliable and useful ice wrangler in the core. With considerable strength and reach, as well as incentive and precise acuity in all that he does, Pete will stand as unsurpassed as an ice wrangler with his particular skill set. Highest marks in ice science, logistics, incentive, comradery and dedication.

Paul Angelikis

With a creative background in the visual arts, Paul’s abilities proved useful in the core. Having a strong arm and a willing disposition, his awareness and precision made him a useful ice wrangler. Highest marks in creative awareness and execution.

Todd Kelly

Showing dedication above and beyond his peers, Todd’s background in terrestrial composition fabrication and hard work ethics make him a go to contributor in the ice wrangler core. Rising to the occasion for diligent service and logistic expertise in areas surrounding installation and mobilization have landed Todd, with his ever growing experience, firmly in the hall of fame. Highest marks in dedication, strength, execution and promotion.

Michael Nattboy

Creative and intelligent by nature, Michael’s helpful incentive and logistic cognition made him an ice wrangler you could count on. Although not vastly experienced in the core, his innate awareness of kinetic probability is invaluable and worthy of mention amongst these champions of creative entreprenurialship. Highest marks in incentive, logistics and promotion.

Wade Hartoon

Having a precision oriented mind, but also creative by instinct, Wade’s skills proved very useful for ice wrangling. Being comfortable with considerable responsibility and extensively experienced in logistics and installation, his acute awareness for execution of the job at hand placed Wade firmly amongst the elite in the core. Although not vastly experienced, his tradition of excellence and precision will always guaranty him a place here, in the ice wrangler hall of fame. Highest marks in logistics, precision, execution and dedication.

Nick Wagner

Amongst the strongest of all ice wranglers, Nick moved mountains of ice blocks for massive jobs like the ice flame tower for the Scream Awards and the building of a Lexus ice automobile. Nick is an old school wrangler who doesn’t care if he gets wet. If there isn’t a hand truck around, he’ll pick an ice block up and carry it on his shoulder. His positive attitude and undeterred follow through is a force that even ice blocks shiver at. Highest marks in strength, attitude and execution.

Keith Wilhelm

Easily passing the 100 deliveries landmark, Keith has served faithfully and with distinction in the core. His cerebral approach and problem solving nature makes him a solid and reliable installation expert. With a smile on his face, and the occasional support of his son, Keith has veteran experience on industry sets, ice bar installations, large ice displays and much more. As the newest member in the acclaimed ice wrangler hall of fame, his position is well earned, and we welcome him to the core.

Isaiah Koenig:

With the diplomacy of an aristocrat, and the strength and reach of a skilled athlete, Isaiah makes any ice installation a breeze no matter what obstacles lay before him. A valuable team player by nature, his experience includes all sizes and shapes of ice displays including ice bars, ice throwns, 14’ columns and Abominable Snowman luges. Reveling in all social endeavors, which is a part of the diligent work here in the core, Isaiah has become a dependable ice wrangler worthy of acclaim. Highest marks in execution, communication, positive attitude and creative logistics.

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