Custom Ice Sculptures in Los Angeles

Let LA Ice Art, a Los Angeles-based ice sculpture company, create an exquisite custom 3D ice sculpture for your special event. Hand-carved ice sculptures rely on artistry, skill, and specific experience with design for ice, which often is key to a stunning ice sculpture. Clients in search of incredible ice art for their special occasion can rely on LA Ice Art and talented ice artist Rex Covington for creative advice relating to this unique and sensational art form. Make your event the talk of the town, and peruse our vast portfolio of works right here on this site to get ideas and take your party to the next level.

We serve events in Los Angeles, Hollywood, and throughout California for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, private parties, corporate events, red carpet occasions, theme parties, and much, much more.

Your vision is important to us and anything is possible, so have some fun and tell us your ideas.

Designing the impossible is what we do best, so a flying pig, a 10’ Polar Bear, or a perfectly lit New York skyline ice sculpture is entirely doable.  We love a good challenge and know the craft from the very beginning when water is frozen into crystal clear ice blocks, to the end when amazing ice art is lit and displayed raising the elegance and excitement of any event.

Whether your needs include an intricate and detailed logo with multiple colors, a custom-themed ice bar, or a Spiral Luge for a luxurious pour, our services cover all your ice sculpture needs.

With LA Ice Art, our quality and professionalism are held to the highest standard of excellence. Our ice carving presentation gear includes waterproof rental lights, drainage trays, and display equipment. Please contact LA Ice Art for a quote today.

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