Ice Luges in Los Angeles for a Luxurious Pour

LA Ice Art creates exceptional ice luges that are custom designed to suit the theme and requirements of any event or occasion. The organic appeal of pouring a beverage through the ice for that instant chill is luxurious fun that fascinates the senses and breeds excitement. Guaranteed to bring a smile to all your guests, ice luges often become the center of attention at parties and won’t be soon forgotten.

Based in Los Angeles, we are an industry-leading ice sculpture company that provides elite ice sculpting services to clients and events throughout Los Angeles, Hollywood, and California.  Crafting ice sculptures that specialize in creative design, LA Ice Art offers an extensive selection of ice luge design choices and solutions.

From extravagant to simple, abstract to modern, ice artist Rex Covington can craft an ice luge personalized to your exact needs.

Customize an Ice Luge for any occasion.

Aside from stunning décor, ice luges can be created for a unique variety of functional purposes. Stylish parties, luxurious weddings, corporate events, and Bar Mitzvahs will likely have different requirements for their ice luges. At LA Ice Art, customer satisfaction is our main priority and we’re happy to consult and guild you through the process of creating the best possible ice sculpture for your unique event.


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