Ice Bars & Large Ice Displays in Los Angeles

A customized ice bar will bring prestige and class to your event, especially if it has the details of your company logo etched into the fascia. Here at LA Ice Art, a Los Angeles-based ice sculpture company, we offer personalized ice bars for all types of events and occasions. Talented ice artist Rex Covington has created a diverse assortment of custom-designed ice bars for prestigious clients and events like The Scream Awards, Batman Premiere, Patron Tequila, Evian, Marriott Hotels, and much more.

Typically installed in 4’, 8’, and 12’ widths, one or more bartenders can work this station as the focal point of your event whether it’s a wedding, corporate party, film premiere, or Bar Mitzvah.

The design elements of your bar should make it personal, and we’re happy to advise with suggestions and photos. Frosty ideas include your logo or monogram, CNC engraved onto the bar fascia, or flowers that are frozen into the ice.

Glamorous ice bars usually make perfect settings for an ice luge, which is often set on top of the ice bar. The luge could tie into your event theme or branding, so consider your guests and the fun to be had with a custom ice luge.

Ice bar display pedestals with waterproof sub-lighting are self-contained drainage systems that are included with ice bars, and the presentation equipment includes multi-color skirting fabric choices to accommodate your décor needs. With freezer trucks for delivery and a skilled crew of ice wranglers, LA Ice Art will make your event shine. Whether indoors or out, on concrete, carpet, or grass, we will perform all the proper preparation, so a custom ice bar with luge or large ice display can be the memory that lasts forever at your event. Contact LA Ice Art today!

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