Entertainment Industry

Los Angeles and Hollywood represent the heart of the entertainment industry worldwide, and LA Ice Art has been a part of that for over 30 years.  Ice artist Rex Covington began working on entertainment industry film and TV sets early on with movies like “An Eye For an Eye”, starring Sally Fields and Kiefer Sutherland,   “Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me”, and Janet Jacksons music video for “Rhythm Nation”.

Creative and talented Directors, Scenic Designers, and Prop Masters quite often need ice sculptures or on-set consultation and LA Ice Art is the go-to source for elite, on-camera ice creations. We love being a part of this exciting industry and have a dependable track record of valuable connections and experience.

The Entertainment Industry photo album documents images from media productions that have aired including Movies, TV shows, commercials, Music videos, award ceremonies, and Premieres.

Ice sculptures in the media transcend the geography of Los Angeles and Hollywood California, as they often air nationally, and in some cases, globally, like the Grammy awards in 2012, which had 39 million viewers.

LA Ice Art is honored to be a part of this exciting industry, and has documented the appearances of famous ice sculptures and credited the talented professionals in our Industry Resume right here on this site.


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