Colored Sand & Freeze-in Objects

Enhance your event with LA Ice Art’s unbelievable ice logo services crafted precisely to what you want. At LA Ice Art, we offer a colored sand insert process, which includes CNC engraved graphics, custom color selection, and grafted ice backing to encapsulate your image in the middle of the block. This process allows us to apply that needed punch of color that your logo may require. An extra charge may apply and multiple color combinations are available. Upon request, we also offer colored gels applied to our lighting underneath the ice at no charge. This can tint the entire sculpture as well.

Printed items such as photos, labels, printed logos, and art can be laminated and frozen into the ice. This technique is often used for bottle sculptures that require a perfect label. For freeze-in items, please plan your orders 8 or more days in advance, as the process takes about that long. Freeze in items is unique and eye-catching, and also one of our specialties. We’ll freeze flowers, shoes, guitars, mementos, clothes, and fish, etc.  Let us create a memory that lasts a lifetime by contacting LA Ice Art today!


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