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The Elite Ice Tray

Designed and built for the presentation of ice sculptures, this tray has it all: functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Featuring an easy to access sub compartment for lighting equipment (included), the multiple fluorescent bulbs will brightly illuminate any ice sculpture. 

For secure and reliable drainage, the 3.4 gallon acrylic tray handles melt water with ease and keeps ice raised for a safe and secure footing. Display your ice with the highest degree of professionalism and watch your client approval soar.  Contact the artist to order.   $1400.00

  • Environmentally friendly with thousands of uses and no disposable plastic or foam.
  • Solid attractive aluminum design for contemporary, clean look which many clients prefer.
  • Pro features such as 30' grounded power cord and tray with raised no slip footing. Fits standard one block sculptures comfortably.
  • Easy to access lighting compartment for custom light effects and servicing. 
  • Easy to dress with (5 ¼” H) wrap or skirt for dressy affairs.

Specifications: Aluminum body/compartment. Acrylic ½” tray with 3/8” drain fitting and tube. Tray capacity 3.4 gallons. Dimensions OD, overall (27 1/8”x 15 ½”x 6”H), tray footprint (26 1/4x 14 ¼). Sub compartment for lights dimensions ID (26”x 14”x 2 ½”H). Weight 34.4 lbs. Light fixtures (2) F14T5/3000K bulbs, 4 total for 4400 lumens. Power requirement 56 watts = 4.6 amps. Low power demand equates to 1250 watt inverter on 12 volt battery estimate 5-6 hours.

  • Elite with wrap
  • Pedestal_stage_for_ice_bars
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