Ice Sculpture for Wedding Receptions Everywhere in California

Wedding events and ice sculptures are kinetically attuned to one another and ice artistry really counts when it’s personal.LA Ice Art offers stunning wedding ice sculptures in Los Angeles. Rex Covington, the dedicated LA Ice Art owner and talented ice artist, serves bride and groom related events to cities throughout Los Angeles, Hollywood and California.

With more than 30 years of experience, Rex is incredibly skilled in crafting all types of ice artistry, and with your custom design, we’ll make your wedding ice sculpture a true masterpiece. Celebrate your special day of love with LA Ice Art’s stunning ice sculptures for wedding receptions throughout California!

Using traditional designs or something fantastic and completely custom, we’ll create your wedding ice sculpture  with you and your guests in mind, and take your wedding event to the next level. Ice luges, ice seafood displays and ice bars can all incorporate your monogram or initials to personalize and commemorate what’s meaningful to the bride and groom.

With LA Ice Art, our clients’ satisfaction is our ultimate priority. We provide
waterproof rental lights, drainage and display equipment, which makes us the
choice of inspiration and confidence for your weddings’ ice necessities and desires.
Let us exceed your expectations with incredible craftsmanship, professionalism, and
attention to detail. Please call us or use the Get a Quote  form to start the process of
having a glamorous ice sculpture at your wedding.

The latest exciting ice cube to fly (melt) in MDR.  So, the bride was from LA and the groom from NY and no, they don't own an airplane. On a side note, they probably could since they were able to rent the ballroom at the Ritz Carlton and pay me enough to be a "happy" artist. Overall size (4'x 4'x 4'H)
Airplane wedding
   Congratulations to these people who reached the hallowed ground of 25 years married.  (5'x 4'H)
Anniversary ice sculpture display
This caviar display piece included 3 spaces for tins, and an arch for all the condiment ramekins. These types of displays are often customized for the requirements of each event.
Caviar base platter with risers
A series of different ice platter bases configured to hold glasses etc.   We can design for any ice bound items you have.
Caviar/Shotglass display
One block sculpture with CNC engraved name and sculpted 3D diamond (2'x 4'H)
Diamond ring with name
This is a 1 block sculpture (40”x 20”H).  The light bow doeas raise it up 5’ more, but if you need height, the 2 block version would be (4’x 4’H).
Double swans
 An early classic. 1 block (20”x 40”H)
Heart & Doves ice sculpture
An older photo with text engraved by hand (instead of by CNC), this wedding ice sculpture featured the names of the bride and groom. (4’x 4’H)
Heart with wings and names
1 ½ blocks  (40”x 30”H)
Initial plaques on base
 With room for fruits etc. on the base, 4 large bottles were also kept cold here.
Platter with 4 large champagne bottle holders
 This winter wonderland themed party used pin spotlights on every centerpiece, and the effect was beautiful. Centerpieces are usually around $150 each. (Rentals and strike not included)
Urn Centerpieces in Ice
One block engraved heart luge ice sculpture. (20”x 40”H)
Heart with Initials Ice Luge
This 3 block vase has a special 35” diameter top, so a very large bouquet (with a footprint up to 30”) can rest on the flat top of this large ice vase. (3’x 3’x 5’H)
Vase wide top for large bouquet
This sculpture is a classic 1½ Blk. symbol of marriage. (4’x 3’H)  It is displayed in a long tray (15”x 43”x 5”H) with light box underneath for lighting the sculpture. All our trays have a drainage hose that trickle drain into a bucket under the table.
Wedding bands ice sculpture with Diamond:
This sculpt was original for a Leggs commercial starring Jamie Lee Curtis. It is a good example of a 2 block sculpt. (3’x 6’H)
Winged Cherub ice sculpture with heart, lyre or bow
This popular 1 ½ block display works well for daylight hours in a plastic tray. (Tray size 4’x 2’)
Urn Centerpieces in Ice
2 block CNC engraved wedding text and decorative base.
Wedding message and monogram
Swan of elegance
Elegant swan
Seahorse Heart wedding sculpture with personalized initials. This 4'x 4'H sculpture requires 2 blocks to make.
Seahorse Heart wedding display
Flowers and ice make for an exquisite display in high elegance weddings. We're happy to discuss possibilities based on your theme and budget.
Flowers and Ice scaleable displays
Champagne holder with platter in this display was designed for large, multi guest bottles.
Champagne bottle holder with platter
This large chilis has flowers frozen in, and can be used for champagne bottles etc. It measures 20" diameter.
Chalis with flowers