Seafood Display areas of Los Angeles

Shrimp, oysters, crab legs and caviar are perfect for ice displays. LA Ice Art designs and installs all sizes and types of seafood displays, including some that embellish a party theme, or include a logo or custom ice sculpture. This photo album features many seafood display examples for all you chefs, event planners and restaurant managers to choose from and get ideas.

Based in Los Angeles, LA Ice Art has professional lighting and display equipment, and delivers to all surrounding areas including Hollywood, and most of California.

 A popular mid size seafood holder, this design sits in a tray with a foot print size of (42”x 22”).
Seafood 2 Level Stack
 Installed at the lovely Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, this wedding had to include their dog Doc.  (7’ wide x 4’H)
Dog with seafood platters 8'
Ice platter base and lift for anything that’s needed. (40”x 20”x 2’H)
Platter lift with Scalloped Edge
Set up in a 60” diameter round tray (rental item), the four clam shells shown here provided plenty of space for seafood. 3 ½ blocks.
Seafood 2 Level Stack
This classy party was an annual event in Beverly Hills for many years. These setups were used as a bar, a seafood table, and a sushi table.
Seafood Ice Tables Xmas
 Elegant and low profile, these 2 level displays each require 1 block. They can be used for alcohol or food items.  (20”x 40” foot print)
Seafood Levels Flat
This large display is centered with a colored sand inserted logo. The multiple shelves allow for greater seafood storage, and well over 100 guests.
Seafood Platters and Sand Logo
This Holiday party in Beverly Hills had a nice display in their living room. Catered by my friends at Patina Catering, this square bowl design has become a favorite, and I can make 2 from 1 block
Seafood Square Bowls and Platter with Logo
Tall and impressive, this seafood tower was for the grand opening of Del Frisco’s restaurant in Santa Monica. (40”x 20”x 5’H)
Seafood 3 Level Stack with Logo
Caviar sits well on ice. These ice platters are sized to fit your caviar tins. Condiments and decor pieces can be added to the design.
Caviar display platter
This is a two level stack with logo. It holds a good amount of seafood for around 100 people.
Seafood two level stack with logo
This three level platter stack with logo ends up being close to 4' tall. The base platter is 40"x 20", so including all levels, you can present a large amount of seafood and use only 4' of table space.
Seafood three level stack with Bonefish logo
Three full size platters using two trays, lights, and 6' or 7' of width on the table holds a large amount of seafood for larger parties or a longer setup duration before restock.
Three large ice platters (2 level) using 6' or 7' of width and table space.
This large display includes 4 platters for seafood, and a logo with lift. It requires 7' of width and 4' of height. An 8' table would be perfect.
Four ice platters on lift with logo
Round 3 tier seafood display with roses frozen into the ice. This display uses a 3' round tray.
Round 3 tier with roses
A 4' wide, 3 platter seafood display with logo on top crowned the grand opening of the Rosewood Miramar Beach Club in Monticedo, CA.
Rosewood Miramar Beach Club seafood display
This practical seafood tower (3 tiers) display has a modern, etched edge design as well as a gold gel for lighting.
Seafood 3 tier stack with modern edge design
An ice logo for branding sits nicely on a single ice platter.
Logo on single platter (2'x 4'x 3'H)
 Vodka, Caviar and all the ammenities in one place. This display requires 2 blocks to make handsets in our large tray, which is (22"x 42"x 5"H)
Vodka, Caviar, and all the amenities
Two tier platter stack dressed to kill.
2 tier platter stack dressed
50th anniversary celebration with branding and the all important ice platter for the cold items
Westlake Golf Club's 50th celebration
Seafood 3 tier with "draped edges" design for a dressed, curtain like feel.
Seafood stack with draped edge design