Ice Luges in Los Angeles for a Luxurious Pour

LA Ice Art creates exceptional ice luges that are custom designed to suit the
theme and requirements of any event or occasion. The organic appeal of pouring a
beverage through ice for that instant chill is luxurious fun that fascinates the senses
and breeds excitement. Guaranteed to bring a smile to all your guests, ice luges often
become the center of attention at parties and won’t be soon forgotten.

Based in Los Angeles, we are an industry leading ice sculpture company that
provides elite ice sculpting services to clients and events throughout Los Angeles,
Hollywood and California. Crafting ice sculptures that specialize in creative design,
LA Ice Art offers an extensive selection of ice luge design choices and solutions.
From extravagant to simple, abstract to modern, ice artist Rex Covington can craft
an ice luge personalized to your exact needs.

Customize an Ice Luge for Any Occasion

Aside from stunning décor, ice luges can be created for a unique variety of
functional purposes. Stylish parties, luxurious weddings, corporate events and Bar
Mitzvahs will likely have different requirements for their ice luges. At LA Ice Art,
customer satisfaction is our main priority and we’re happy to consult and guild you
through the process of creating the best possible ice sculpture for your unique

A classic style engraving that celebrates the moment, we can engrave any text, name or logo for your event. One block, (20”x 40”H)
Verenice Happy B-Day luge
This one block classic ice sculpture features 7’ of slide track using no plastic tube or funnel (yuck!). You can pour a room temperature shot at the top, and it comes out icy cold. There is usually about 4% water dilution due to melting on the way down, but that’s what cube ice does anyway. This perfected ice sculpture is the unique design of ice artist, Rex Covington, and it can be personalized with a name or logo as necessary. (20”x 40”H)
Spiral Ice Luge Classic
The never ending appeal of James Bond lives and lets die. Suggest using a base to elevate the sculpt about 8-10” so the luge operates better. (adds $50), (4’ x 3’H with base.
007 luge
A charming Asian influenced sculpture that was lugified (my word).  We almost never use plastic funnels or tubes for our luges. Party goers don’t like it and you can smell the plastic (not great for your Grey Goose). (40”x 20”H) Lit with green gel.
Bamboo footbridge slide luge
 A torso of Batman that delivers shots is all it takes to get this party started. 1 block sculpture, (20”x 40”H)
Batman ice luge
 1block logo with base. (30”x 30”H)
BMI logo luge
Chilling and managing to hold five different flavored vodkas and still feature a luge (with no plastic tube or funnel, yuck!), this sculptures next trick will be to disappear. (20”x 40”H)
Bottle holder luge
Out of the many ways to do this particular sculpture, this one includes a tube that is frozen into the block before it is sculpted. (Takes 1 week) (20”x 28”H)
Breasts luge
   This enormous luge depicts the crisis moment of when the Titanic ship crashed into an ice berg and sunk. What better time to take a shot. (3’x 5’H)
Titanic Sinking Ice Luge
  In keeping with the fascination for body parts and luges that make you laugh, here’s a real dandy.  (20”x 40”H)
Butt ice luge
2 block sculpture with two luges equipped. (40”x 40”H)
Camel luge ice sculpture
Starring as part of a Sky Vodka commercial shot in Malibu, this luge carving belongs here in the Ice Luge portfolio. This monster, 3-track luge was (5’x 6’H).
Glacial Prism luge
 This classic sculpture, which was based on the married couples actual dog, was a unique pleasure to make. The beverage poured on the top of the head, ran down the back, passed through the torso, and came off the end of the raised paw. (4’x 2’x 3’H)
Ice dog shot slide
  1 block sculpture with luge track.  (20”x 40” x 10”H)
Lamborghini slide luge
Holiday office parties are more fun with a luge. This is a scientific fact. (Personal study conducted since 1985)  This one sports the famous spiral luge that uses no plastic and chills each shot from room temperature going in, to icy cold coming out. (20”x 40”H)
Snowflake Spiral Ice Luge
  A cutout initial or letter can often be lugified (my word). (20”x 40”H)
Letter S ice luge
July means Leo. That starts with L and that stands for LUGE!   This lion head luge ice sculpture is (20”x 20”x 30”H).
Leo Lion Ice Luge
An authentic martini glass requires a graft to capture the round top. (20”diameter x 30”H)  The stem of the glass needs to start at 6” thick which is slightly over sized proportionately, but it needs to be safely transported, and it will melt thinner so don’t worry. LA Ice Art has been in the ice sculpture business since 1985.
Martini glass luge ice sculpture
The Disney brass keeps hiring me for events, so I have to do their characters justice and replicate them as best I can.  Although, having said that, this had to be a luge, and that means lugiphonic science applies, and that mean…artistic license, and that’s a language that they understand.  1 block sculpture, (20”x 40”H)
Mickey Mouse ice sculpture luge
     Resembling a powerful scientific optical enlarger, one could pour booze at the top of the viewing piece, and receive the chilled drink at the bottom.  (20”x 40”H)
Microscope luge:
This bottle replica matches the shape of a Patron bottle, although the depth is foreshortened because it’s a 1 block sculpture. (20”x 10”x 40”H) There is an ice platter base underneath for bottle display and the Patron girl is in this case included. For this sculpt, a laminated label image was inserted into the sculpture.
Patron Tequila luge bottle
    Eight tracks are back! Luging was the in thing in Culver City this Saturday with the brain child of Event planner Jason Larian.  The Egyptians (architects) would have been so excited.  5 block multi-graft, 4'x 4'H, 500 lbs.
Pyramid 8 track luge
This logo was equipped with a non plastic luge. (20”x 40”H)
Q logo ice luge
2 block rat sculpture with luge that ran down the back and tail.  30”x 30”H)
Rat slide luge
This Spiral luge has a specific theme, and avoids us from drilling into the nipple.  (20”x 40”H)
Busty Spiral Luge
One block sand logo with luge (2'x 4'H)
Colored sand logo with luge
1 block engraved E with cutout shape and luge.
Letter E engraved luge
This luge is popular over at USC university. (20”x 35”H)
Trojan bust luge
5' tall golfer luge silhouette of pro swing on base platter
Golfer in swing luge 5'H
Shot slide- 2 track luge for pickup only
2 track shot slide
If you gotta ski, you gotta luge. This 1 block luge with decorative base had a double  slide.
Apres ski, double luge.
This Holloween favoritisms has two luges for simultaneous shots.
Rest in Piece double luge
If you stand in the middle, you will have wings, and you can take a shot from either side.
Winged luges in Montecito by the sea
Hard Money bottle tilt luge was a Christmas party home run.The bottle label was a frozen in laminated print.
Hard Money bottle tilt luge