Personalized Ice Logo Production and Colored Sand Designs

LA Ice Art offers the most advanced ice sculpting technology, tools and presentation equipment available in the field today.  With our Computer Numeric Controller (CNC) for engraving, we take the guesswork out of reproducing a perfect logo, monogram, or aesthetic text on ice sculptures, ice bars and ice luges alike.

The mechanics of manufacturing ice sculptures have changed dramatically, but the artisanship of design still applies. Ice artist Rex Covington utilizes an art background and extensive experience and knowledge of ice sculpting to design and fabricate the best possible representation of your logo in ice. Serving clients throughout Los Angeles, Hollywood and California, LA Ice Art can make your corporate event, or special gathering an unforgettable occasion. 

Stunning Logo ice sculptures can also be equipped as an ice luge, so beauty and function come together as one. We will work with you to customize a design that emphasizes your branding and also serves your guests with a luxurious pour. LA Ice Art also offers a colored sand insert process to match your art and add that needed punch of color that your logo may require.  An extra charge may apply.       

Attach a JPEG or Vector file of your logo to get a free quote and let LA Ice Art help you design the perfect ice sculpture that will make your event the talk of the town!

A recent party for the cast and crew of “The Dark Knight Rises” at Christopher Nolan’s house had an appropriate theme. The engraved sushi ice platter, and all seafood displays can be customized in unlimited ways. This setup was 7’ wide x 2’ deep, with raised platforms and risers.
Batman sushi ice platter
Any logo can be a luge, so if your branding event includes drinks, let the fun begin here.
BMI logo with luge
This is a 2 block, CNC engraved with snow fill, shadow cutout ice sculpture. (40”x 40”H)   The lightbox raises the sculpture by 5”, so the actual height from the table or bar surface is 45”H.
California Club 125th
This 4’ wide bar with tiled CNC logo was used in Beverly Hills in October of 2012. The 1000 people in attendance worked this little bar for all it was worth, and in the end, the winner was Casamigos.
Casamigo Tequila
Combining a logo with a snowflake for a holiday party, and having the it be a Spiral luge, is pretty much a triple crown ice sculpture. (20”x 40”H)
Spiral/snowflake ice luge with logo
   A large, CNC engraved logo or emblem is often placed on the fascia of an 8’ ice bar. (Adds $250 to bar cost)
K emblem on ice bar fascia
  A very detailed logo is handled with CNC precision here for multiple floors at the Magic Castle, and the event included tons of serious magic.   Being an expert ice wrangler and crawling all over that place, I discovered one of the secret passage ways, but honoring the magicians code, I will never reveal it’s location.   These are all 1 block sculpts, (20”x 40”H)
Magic Castle 50th anniversary
 If your monogram is very special, please ask us about CNC reproduction. The very best product available is yours for the asking.
Monogram heart
This 2 block, CNC engraved logo was customized to include 25 in the design and a round display base for beverages. 5’H,  Tray footprint (42”x 22”)
Abby 25th Anniversary
  1 block logo (20”x 40”H)
Scotia Bank logo ice sculpture
 Colored gels are often used on the sub-lighting to add a personal or colored theme touch. We’re happy to do it at no charge, so let us know.  1 block sculpture (20”x 40”H)
Invitation Ice Sculpture
The Wilshire CC in Los Angeles, California had lots of excitement in the club house with this large ice banner (40”x 40”H)  2 block CNC engraved
Golf Invitational ice sculpture
 Ice violin on display at the California Club for a Stradivarius event that had an incredible 8 masterwork violins on hand. Only one melted before the sunrise.
Violin Strad ice sculpture
 This level of detailed engraving would be hard to do by hand.  As a 1 block sculpture, it’s haunting and beautiful, but all that really matters is….it’s a luge.  (20”x 40”H)
Dia De Muertos ice luge
This very large promo piece adorned the lobby of this LA theater. More than 5’ tall, it required a same night strike for safety reasons
War Dogs film premiere ice sculpture
One block logos often feature more prominently with a decorative base. This one highlights what is above, like your logo.  (20”x 40”H)
Earth globe logo with Deco fan burst base
This is a 1 block, CNC engraved sculpture. (20”x 40”)  The heart motif is great for birthdays and weddings as well. The text is yours to choose.
Happy Mothers Day ice sculpture
This iconic logo with full block base and bottle display ice platter made a strong impression on the corporate brass. (4’x 4’H x 2’)
IMAX Logo with Bottle Display Base
Horizontal logo with decorative base 3'x 3'
Horizontal logo with decorative base 3'x 3'
1 block Irish symbol engraving
Purple Rain Prince symbol which can be a luge.
Purple rain Prince symbol which can be a luge.
This is in Sparky’s ice workshop in West Virginia, and that’s me with my first CNC ice sculpture. What a day that was for Barrett and I.   Cheers to Sparky, the founder of Ice Pro CNC machines.
LA Ice Art logo with Rex
  With a CNC engraved face, this 1 block sculpture keeps perfect time. (20”x 40”H)
Watch ice sculpture on decorative base
Your logo over the birthday text is a good one. It also could be a luge.
This Flame logo on decorative base was part of a photo shoot. The male model had his skin painted to appear metallic in nature.
Logo photo shoot with model