Exquisite Ice Bars & Large Ice Sculpture Displays for Your Events in Los Angeles

A customized ice bar will bring prestige and class to your event, especially if it
has the details of your company logo etched in to the fascia. Here at LA Ice Art, a Los
Angeles based ice sculpture company, we offer personalized ice bars for all types of
events and occasions. Talented ice artist Rex Covington has created a diverse
assortment of custom designed ice bars for prestigious clients and events like The
Scream Awards, Batman Premiere, Patron Tequila, Evian, Marriott Hotels and much

Typically installed in 4’, 8’ and 12’ widths, one or more bartenders can work this
station as the focal point of your event whether it’s a wedding, corporate party, film
premiere or Bar Mitzvah.

The design elements of your bar should make it personal, and we’re happy to
advise with suggestions and photos. Frosty ideas include your logo or monogram,
CNC engraved onto the bar fascia, or flowers that are frozen into the ice.
Glamorous ice bars usually make perfect settings for an ice luge, which is often set
on top of the ice bar. The luge could tie into your event theme or branding, so
consider your guests and the fun to be had with a custom ice luge.

Ice bar display pedestals with waterproof sub-lighting are self-contained drainage
systems that are included with ice bars, and the presentation equipment includes
multi-color skirting fabric choices to accommodate your décor needs. With freezer
trucks for delivery and a skilled crew of ice wranglers, LA Ice Art will make your
event shine. Whether indoors or out, on concrete, carpet or grass, we will preform
all the proper preparation, so a custom ice bar with luge, or large ice display can be
the memory that lasts forever at your event. Contact LA Ice Art today!

I didn’t feel good about freezing these healthy plants into ice, and this was an early foray into the colored sand logo process, but Patron through a super cool party and the bar was well received.
Bar 10’ Patron- agave freeze-ins and back bar shelves
    This was a castle like bar that had hidden luges on both ends.
Bar 12’ fairy tale castle stone theme
This is a favorite and the arches are complimented by the wide spread of this 12’ ice bar.
Bar 12’ Russian arches- back bar shelves
This ice bar (4’ across the front) is ideal for parties of up to 100 people.   Spiral luge on top.
Casamigos 4’ Bar
   Ornate 4’ bar with an ocean flare.
Bar 4’ Conch shell luge
A space theme ice bar AND the Starship Enterprise? And it’s a luge? #Trekkers in paradise
Bar 8' Star Trek- Enterprise luge
This ice bar fascia has brass letters frozen into it. It was the toast of this holiday party. Smuggler Entertainment did want there letters back.
Bar 4’ Smuggler- freeze in letters
4’ champagne bar with elegance and classy branding is the standard at this 5 star brunch.
Bar 4’ Nicolas F
Wedding Ice Bar with Monogram fascia 6’ bar in the Four Seasons Hotel, Santa Barbara. A simple and classic design with a well functioning luge makes for happy guests.
Bar 6’ Wedding in Santa Barbara
This sleek bar really set the modernist tone of this studio party in Playa Vista, CA.
Bar 8’ Architectural design
This bar had more ice on it than usual, but the crystal fortress is, well,  the crystal fortress.  Luge tracks were built into the upper crystal sculpts as well.
Bar 8’ Crystal Fortress, Batman premiere
This wedding featured an 8’ bar, lit in pink, with pink flowers frozen inside. Any object that is not too large can be frozen into the ice.
Bar 8 Floral freeze in
 This what laminated posters that are inserted into the ice look like. Also, there’s an electric guitar ice luge on the top.
Bar 8’ Kid Max poster insert- Guitar luge
Pure and refined, the spiral luge is becoming pretty classic as well
Bar 8’ Crystal ice bar with monogram and Spiral luge
The most amazing part of this bar is it’s location. Over 100 yards from the boardwalk, we used plywood runners like the Egyptian pyramid builders to install this bar deep into the sand zone. As you might have guessed, we’re not in a big hurry to do it again.
Bar 8’ on beach
Ice dice luge over pool inverts physics in Beverly Hills. 4' bars are sweet for 100 people or less.
Bar 4' Casino and dice luge
At the very top of Beverly Hills, past Seth MacFarlanes house, there's a gated hilltop with tons of level open grass. I'd never seen this location before, but I won't soon forget its 270* views of Los Angeles. If 700 people came to your birthday party, which also featured an orchestra by the way, it might be nice to be "VN".
Bar 8’ VN birthday
On election night something crazy happened; this house melted down.
Bar 8’ Whitehouse
From the early days of ice bars, Evian had a great party on this occasion with a mermaid in the pool and an artist doing live art. This event took place at The Sky Bar, an LA hot spot on Sunset Blvd.
Bar Evian with back bar shelves
Apparently good karma pays off since we got this one up 20 stairs and setup on decking over a jacuzzi successfully. I like the female Buddha for aesthetic reasons more than the jolly round belly Buddha that you always see. Thanks to Cory Martin Events for the chance to sculpt a giant Buddha and be part of a very stylish Beverly Hills event. (5'x 2'x 7'H), 1150 lbs, 2 parts.
Buddha ice sculpture on lotus 7’H
Ice chairs and a commercial promo for Geostorm, the action adventure movie about to release with environmental disasters galore.  This was part of the "blizzard room" and computer game players soon sat and played from these ice thrones. Special thanks to scenic designer, David Cannizzaro.
Chairs Geostorm
Champagne fountain bowl, Dose of Colors
Champagne fountain bowl, Dose of Colors
Made to store numerous bottles, this fountain bowl was adorned with spheres.
Fountain champagne bowl with spheres
It was my pleasure to provide this US Marines emblem in 3D for our honorable men in service this weekend. (4'x 6'H, 550 lbs.) The 500 or so Marines that took over the Westin Bon Adventure hotel in downtown LA were a force of arms to behold, that no one, and I mean no one, would mess with. These boys don't have failure in their vocabulary. U.S. forces rock on!
Marine Emblem
A long time ago, for a show called the Bachelor, I carved this Pegasus ice sculpture with giant plug in wings (ice dowels in torso). It was surrounded with glass flutes of Champagne for the ladies as they gathered after meeting the prospective bachelor. (4’x 4’x 6’H)
Pedestal stage for ice bars
   A long time ago, for a show called the Bachelor, I carved this Pegasus ice sculpture with giant plug in wings (ice dowels in torso). It was surrounded with glass flutes of Champagne for the ladies as they gathered after meeting the prospective bachelor. (4’x 4’x 6’H)
Pegasus champagne ice bar
With the 1’ pedestal, this bear reached almost 10’ tall. It was installed in three pieces. 4 man crew ice sculptures are rare, but exciting for so many reasons.
Polar Bear ice sculpture
Hearts for the base, and kissing swans on top. Pedestal footprint (4’x 4’) Sculpture height 8’
Swan/Hearts ice table
On New Year’s Eve at 12:06 AM, time stood still.   This giant watch crystal display was over 7 feet tall and 16 feet wide. Using nine blocks to produce and with the steady hand of CNC technology, some red sand, and two red roses, an icy time was had by all. To the talented promoters and Moment Entertainment, happy newyear. 2018
Watch Crystals 16’ display
 Featuring two ice bars, multiple wing ice luges, and a skyward reaching 14’ tall center wing, this event had Beverly Hills talking. Installed on the charming new cobble stone street called Via Rodeo, this walking promenade had an all new icy reputation.
Wings and bars on Via Rodeo, Beverly Hills
Ice throne made with 5 blocks
Regal ice throne
Ice bars mean branding and special events, even if it's in an air conditioned, geodesic dome in Palm Springs.
Palm Springs Ice Bar in geodesic dome
8' bar with freeze in props.
Holloween ice bar (8') with freeze in props