Entertainment Industry

Los Angeles and Hollywood represent the heart of the entertainment industry
worldwide, and LA Ice Art has been a part of that for over 30 years. Ice artist Rex
Covington began working on entertainment industry film and TV sets early on with
movies like “An Eye For an Eye”, starring Sally Fields and Kiefer Sutherland,
“Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me”, and Janet Jacksons music video for
“Rhythm Nation”.

Creative and talented Directors, Scenic Designers and Prop Masters quite often
need ice sculptures or on set consultation and LA Ice Art is the go to source for elite,
on camera ice creations. We love being a part of this exciting industry and have a
dependable track record of valuable connections and experience.

The Entertainment Industry photo album documents images from media
productions that have aired including Movies, TV shows, commercials, Music videos,
award ceremonies and Premieres.

Ice sculptures in the media transcend the geography of Los Angeles and Hollywood
California, as they often air nationally, and in some cases, globally, like the Grammy
awards in 2012, which had 39 million viewers.

LA Ice Art is honored to be a part of this exciting industry, and has documented the
appearances of famous ice sculptures and credited the talented professionals in our
Industry Resume right here on this site.

A life size statue of AnnaLynne blowing a kiss to her party guests was the request for this episode (August 2010) of the hit TV show 90210. She is a very talented actress and I tried to do her beauty justice, but I’m not sure that anything can compare.
AnnaLynne McCord/90210
 At 7’ tall and built thick to replicate it’s proportionate size, this full body ice sculpture starred in a Dunkin Donut TV commercial. Airing twice during the NBA Finals, the two actors in the commercial argue over which is colder; the ice sculpture or the new drink from Dunkin' Donuts called a "frozen Arnold Palmer".  Shot on 2/11/14.
Arnold Palmer ice statue with actor
   Ursa Major (Callisto by myth), the Great Bear, went to Hollywood today for an episode of Showtimes' "Roadies" directed by Cameron Crowe.  (5'x 4'H x 2'), 8 blocks with base, 700 lbs.  This was a seven man setup that was...interesting.
Bear Ursa ice sculpture
This loving sculpture was later toppled and smashed on the deck of a luxurious yacht as part of an interesting story plot on this TV episode of 90210, shot in March of 2012. These handsome young actors poised as delivery men or “ice wranglers” in the episode.
Bride/Groom in Heart, 90210 shoot:
Introducing popular comedian Andy Daly from the shows: Modern Family, Silicon Valley and Black-ish fame. As a spokesman for Carmax commercials, his path crossed that of LA Ice Art this week. This clip was "just for fun" and the last take from 4 statues carved, so I'm glad I caught it for posterity. Most of the crew had as much fun as Andy on this set, myself included, and the look alike sculptures went over very well, so I'm happy to move on from this challenging request.  Filmed 11-16-16
Bust Andy Daly, Carmax
In 1915, the Dodge brothers created their first "touring car". This commercial with period costumes etc., required time authenticity, so it was done without those new fangled CNC gizmos. 8%ers rock on! The two actors were cast for their similar appearance to the original boys back in the day. Car dimension: (33"x 18"x 22"H), weight 290 lbs.
Car 1915 Dodge
 This large styled chair was one of the first used in the music industry video realm. She loved singing and playing off the ice prop. Filmed on the Queen Mary in Long Beach in 1994
Chaise-lounge, Foxy Brown
This movie was shot in January, 2012, stared Jim Carrie, Steve Carell, James Gandolfini, and Olivia Wilde, and it looks to be very funny. This cherub played a small background part of a birthday party scene in the film. The sculpture, although sun fractured and melted in this photo, actually had multiple grafts to accommodate the arms out pose, and presented a challenge of preservation in that environment. It was good that there were multiple copies.
Cherub/ Burt Wonderstone
 The Ellen show was very popular in the 90’s. This episode was called “Gay Yellow Pages”, and it ended with Ellen smashing the ice cherub with a wrench. That, by the way, was not in the script.
Cherub, Ellen Show
Here's a little Hollywood "Ice" Magic in the new music video by Calvin Harris, Kehlani, and Lil Yachty. This was pretty big stuff with over 150 blocks going into the making of. "Faking It" can be viewed on You Tube here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mPflmNE4ag Special thanks to producer Alex Pacion and Regina Morgan Munoz.
Columns 14’, Calvin Harris music video
Mike Meyers (Austin Powers) and Britney Spears teamed up for this Pepsi commercial. The ice sculpture were props on the set.  Crescent moon sculpture, (3’x 4’H)
Crescent Moon with Brittney Spears, Pepsi
       Glitzy New York magazine “Paris Match” helped Daft Punk get icy in a seedy LA back alley south of Melrose, in mid city Los Angeles. I felt “lucky” because I saw the true identity of the artists, something extremely rare and a closely guarded secret. (4/17/13)
Daft Punk ice photo shoot
This "Death Row Records" ice sculpture is the 3D version of the infamous logo that appears in the soon to be released film "Labyrinth" starring Jonny Depp and Forrest Whitaker. The complicated maze of "Gansta Rap" musical alliances and violent feuds between artists such as Easy E, Dr. Dre, Surg Knight, Tupac, Snoop Dogg and many more are brought to life in this film.  In sculpting this morbid image, I couldn't help but feel the desperate fear and anger that was so much a part of this musical era.Directed by Brad Furman, this scene was shot at the El Rey theater in LA, and was the actual location of this historical event. The ensuing violence of course crashes the ice sculpture to the ground, which may or may not have happened back then, but it was a cool part of this very interesting film.
Deathrow Records, Labyrinth
It’s a chunk of ice you drama queen! (See the edited video on this site) Season finale 2008, action scene shot with Marcia Cross saving an ice cherub.  17 cherub sculptures were made for the filming of the many scenes with ice sculptures.
Desperate Housewives Cherub with Marcia Cross
So Verizon put a 7' tall ice dolphin in the middle of a swinging 70's era disco party at a ski lodge. (Actually filmed in Calabasas, CA) These actors were really funny so this commercial should be entertaining. There were two dolphins maid for this 1 day shoot. This solid body sculpture came in two pieces: the base, and the whole body. Assembled, it weighed 1000 lbs.
Dolphin 7’H, Verizon
This commercial featured an actor who is an ice sculptor.  The eagle is a 1 block sculpt measuring  (20”x 40”H)
Eagle ice sculpture with actor
For those of you who actually know something about delivering ice sculptures, please don’t laugh, because this is NOT the way it’s actually done. Hollywood does things for the camera, and that’s all that matters. Interestingly, they took this van for a few spins around the blocks of Long Beach, with the strapped in eagle, camera, film crew and all, to get some moving background footage. Thank goodness Turbo Tax software will help “Doug” navigate through his taxes, because he’s certainly would break numerous ice sculptures having them standing up in the middle of his van.  I’m guessing that he’ll need some tax breaks to stay in business.
Turbo Tax Eagle commercial
Those of you who watch "The Good Place", starring Ted Danson will catch a glimpse of this 3 1/2 block elephant head in a TV episode soon.   I love sculpting in actual proportions (no foreshortened perspective), so when talented Prop Master Gay Perello (shown here) said go for it, we did. Fun to look at from all sides, this happy pachyderm had spread ears and measured close to (4'x 4'x 5'H), 450 lbs.
Elephant Head, The Good Place
Khumba Zoo was a European band that sought to create a stunning video. We hung this huge icicle (2’x 7’H) on a plexy beam like a fish hook. It actually worked great as the tip of the icicle was just touching the ground.  Then the riggers had to get the singer on top and that was an entirely different matter.
Girl on Icicle, Khumba Zoo
Netflix has a great new show called "Glow" about some desperate (for acting work) women who join a TV show about women's wrestling. It's super funny I swear. And interestingly enough, they needed an ice luge in the form of a Knight (as in the chess piece). This one had duel tracks that each came out of a nostril for simultaneous double shots. Lucky for me, it got used prominently on the show. If you've always wanted to see how a luge works, here's your chance. Season 1, Episode 6. The show stars the very talented Alison Brie, and Marc Maron, whose character is honest in a rude way, but very likable. Special thanks to talented prop master Pola Schreiber who was super easy to work with.
Knight double luge, Netflix Glow
This giant version of the Heisman trophy (4'x 3'x 6'H) was a very challenging pose. I never new how twisted that running back was. Given the upper body weight and the temptation to sculpt out the legs and ankles, it's not surprising that we broke the first one completely to the ground during the delivery! I hadn't accidentally destroyed a sculpture in 10 years, but if you're going to do something, go big!
Heisman statue with talent
This TV commercial aired repeatedly during the NFL playoffs in Jan, 2012. I was really glad they got the shot using one helmet, because even though there was another backup, that goofy actor hacked so many chunks out the helmet, it was unusable for my own playoff party
Helmet with actor, Coors Light
This horse head appeared in an episode of the short running HBO TV series called Luck in 2011-12. Despite the great acting, interesting story, top quality directing and producing, the show used up all they had, because it became necessary to shut it down after three horses were killed during the filming. Sadly, it was actually 4 horses, because no one counted the ice horse, which clearly died when it melted.
Horse head for HBOs Luck
 "Angie Tribeca's 3rd season is starting off, and to spoof HBO, they froze Rashida Jones into a human ice box, sort of. This box got torched, rained on, peed on, licked, chipped, shot, and finally broken to announce the date of the season premiere. Aired on Facebook live. Season premiere- 4-10-17
Human Icebox on set
 This massive ice tower was built on stage as a backdrop for the televised annual award show. The sets were fantastic and covered with fire torches..  (See the making of video on this site)
Tower of Ice and Flames, Scream Awards 2011
 It super fun to see an ice sculpture get blasted with a real flame thrower. This promo for an early season of Bill Maher had lots of cool images.
Globe ice sculpture blasted with fire, Bill Maher Promo
Although these 8’ tall walls served as the backdrop for a can of Coors Light, Hollywood uses them a lot. I’ve built many of them for a variety of things, but this is the first one that was erected in a photo bubble. As you’ll notice, the lighting is extraordinary. My compliments to director Irv Woods, who like Steve Jobs, knows what people want before they do.
Ice Walls
 Just when you thought it was safe........Iggy Azalea and Brazilian singer, Anitta, got surrounded by ice crocodiles while filming their video in Los Angeles.  These crocs were just about the same size as real ones at 9' long, 450 lbs., so it was slightly creepy (and Australian).  The new album "Digital Distortion" features the single "Switch" (very danceable) set to release May 19th, 2017.
Iggy Azalia Crocs 5-10-17
Sculpting 4 life-size classical muscled Man statues for the on stage performance of Katy Perry’s was an exciting but difficult project. There’s a little stress involved with knowing that 39 million viewers would see the sculptures I was making in my ice studio located in a dumpy little building in Inglewood. Meeting Katy was cool, and if the forth sculpture wasn’t broken on the way to the stage, the whole endeavor would have been a home run
Katy Perry Grammy performance, 2012
     This 4 block (4’x 2’x 6’H) top portion of the Statue of Liberty was used as a décor piece in a scene representing a 4th of July party in the show. Reflecting life as it appears in the Hamptons, it’s actually shot mostly in Redondo Beach, CA . The actors moved in and around the piece, delivering their lines and acting like it was no big deal. After all, they were all as rich as skunks and the smell of money includes ice sculptures at every event.
Lady Liberty for ABCs Revenge, 2011
Created for the prestigious Marlboro web page, this ice sculpture was an interesting dramatization of the making of a large ice sculpture (5’x 7’H). The Marlboro Ice brand is new, and the pack features a sealing feature that keeps the product fresh. Ice artist, Rex Covington also served as on camera talent.
Marlboro Ice pack
I'm pretty excited about todays film release "Mordecai" directed by David Koepp and starring: Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltro, Ewan McGregor and Olivia Munn. It's very seldom that ice sculptures make it to the big screen, much less play a pivotal part in the plot like this one does when the villain sprays poison on the lobsters and caviar that surround it. Working around A-list talent like this kind of blows your mind, but I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity and I'm counting my lucky stars that I got to be a part.  We'll see if Johnny calls when his kid has a birthday in town....   Giant mermaid ice sculpture (7' x 2'x 5' tall, 1200 lbs)
Mermaid ice sculpture for Mortdecai
 1 block sculpt (20”x 40”H)
Mermaid, Miller commercial
   This 500 lbs Panda Bear played a big part in the film “The TV Set” starring Sigourney Weaver and David Duchovny shot in August, 2005. The Panda’s white areas are made with a layer of white snow that required an occasional reapplication through the filming process.
Panda Bear ice sculpture, The TV Set
A 5 block, 900 lbs. ice sculpture is hard to melt. Time lapse filming depicted the 7’ tall penguin melting in 2 seconds in the commercial, but it really took 36 hours. (See the original video on this site)
Penguin giant ice sculpture, Cheetos
Starring David Spade and Dana Carvey, this classic show goes back aways.  1 block Pilgrim ice sculpture (30”x 45”H)
Pilgrim, Just Shoot Me
 Filmed on the show, this complicated sculpture was hard to see with all the crossing arms and legs and stuff.  2 blocks to make, (25”x 25”x 35H)
Rodan’s The Kiss, Ghost Whisperer
This prop replica was a background piece in a wild party scene shot in August, 2011.   The wild party included other outlandish decor like a live tiger in a cage, a Vegas style, fan-powered money grab booth, and a drum marching band.
Snake Juice Bottle, Parks and Recreation
This guy is a real American hero.  The large ice sculpture was the centerpiece in the outdoor patio of this trendy LA club.  The celebration was the release of Shawn’s snowboarding video game world-wide, which is really fun to play. (4’x 3’x 6’H)
Snowboarder ice sculpture, Shawn White
These organic “splash like” ice crowns were made in large numbers to capture the perfect look that talented photographic Director Irv Wood was looking for. The print ad ended up being projected by the Jumbo Tron in New Yorks Time Square.
Splash Ice Crown, Bud Select
A life size Stag sculpture (6'x 2'x 6'H) is the latest ice animal by LA Ice Art to hit the silver screen. This one is background in the up and coming film called Inner City, or Roman Israel, Esq. Starring Denzel Washington and Colin Farrell, this crime drama was shot in Los Angeles and looks to be an intriguing story worth seeing.  We wrestled the sculpture up a flight of steep stairs (7 men sweating bullets) to display it on location at a Los Angeles bar. If you see it in the movie, it may appear quite melted as it was intended to represent the passage of time in the ongoing scenes. Cheers to Denzel, a true gentleman.
Stag, Roman J. Israel, Esq. film
Hollywood magic went pretty wrong. Both actors got clobbered by heavy ice sculptures when two fail safe measures, well, failed. See the full video here on the Video page. The commercial aired during the national debates. Perhaps this was an omen?
Stunt Prefall, Audi
  Requiring 4 blocks to make, 5 guys to safely move and 3 Ibuprofens when done, this monster foul (4’x 3’x 6’H) centered “the first layer” of this party scene in a Commercial. Interestingly, they would go on to film two or three more party scenes, in front of the giant green screen, and then later “layer them”, one in front of the other, to simulate a massive, deep party. I guess they used the same 50 extras.
Swan giant, Bright House
 The new show "Jane the Virgin" (airs Mondays on the CW network) requested this stunt which is kind of gross but wholly original. For those who didn't see it, the character was supposed to have fallen off the second story balcony and landed squarely on the sword of the ice sculpture. (5'x 2'x 6'H) Fake blood and acrylic props came into play, but the gruesome scene came off well and set new records for the innovative use of ice. What could be next? My lips are sealed, but "like" this page and you'll surely find out!
Swordfish with actor, Jane the Virgin
This large champagne flute, which stood 5’ tall and weighed 400 lbs., was the centerpiece for the “Taittenger Moment” filmed every year before the celebs hit the red carpet.  See the exiting story on this site, and the close call that almost maid history.
Taittenger Glass, 5’tall
Photo shoot promo for Polar Express. I met Tom that day and coached him on how to sit in an ice thrown. Something very funny happened on the set that day.  See the “Stories” page to find out what.
Throne of Ice, Tom Hanks
This Bud Light commercial had a satirical party theme featuring this ice sculpture of a pair of trousers. There was also a double ice platter round base which was loaded with beer. (34” waist,  36” length)
Trouser Party, Bud Light
This in show gag included actress Eliza Coupe chiseling away at this large ice sculpture on her kitchen table while talking to her model,  a real wild turkey, that was wandering around in her living room.  Shot at Paramount, LA, 8/29/12.
Turkey, Happy Endings ABC TV
CNC engraved and shadow cutout, 2 block ice sculpture setup on a building top in Los Angeles. (40”x 36”H)
V sculpture on set, Neighbors, Disney TV
Winged Victory of Samothrace (rear view) displayed in an industrial freezer warehouse in North Hollywood, stands ready for the filming of a Budweiser commercial.  Including the pedestal, this 15 block ice sculpture weighed 3000 lbs and measured (5'x 5'x 9'H). Originally sculpted in marble during the second century and displayed in the Louvre since 1884, this version was grafted together and sculpted in one day with the assistance of talented new ice artist Tatiana Viquez, who also starred in the commercial. (Apparently the agency found her cuter than me.)
Winged Victory of Samothrace
The midgets in these costumes cracked everybody up as they entered the Hollywood rap party event for the long running TV show “The X Files”.  There was a giant X double luge inside, but this was much funnier.
X Files aliens
Ice chairs and a commercial promo for Geostorm, the action adventure movie about to release with environmental disasters galore.  This was part of the "blizzard room" and computer game players soon sat and played from these ice thrones. Special thanks to scenic designer, David Cannizzaro.
Chairs 3, Geostorm
  The 2017 MTV Movie Awards featured a lot of interesting categories. And, the modern themed centerpieces kept the champagne very cold too. That's a plus when you're on the hot seat for "Best Kiss" award.
Bottle Holder, MTV Movie awards
This “Employee of the Month” display was part of the commercial starring Marshall Bell and Charles Barkley. I also had a quick close up in the commercial as an actor.
Bust Michael Bell, Computer Discount Warehouse
This jet replica is an F7U Cutlass. It's part of a scene in the Amazon Series "Them:Covenant". The slanted base was tricky, but presented the plane as if in flight.
F7U Cutless in Them:Covenant on Amazon
This Hollywood Sign was 7'wide, 2'H, and attempted to recreate the shape and layout of the original. Part of a scene from the second season of "Dirty John", a Netflix TV series
Hollywood sign in: Dirty John, Netflix
This 6' Janitor with broom played a big part in this Sour Patch TV commercial. The support ice was cut away after installation so I'm happy to say that we didn't lose any limbs.
Janitor with broom (6'H), in Sour Patch TV commercial
This massive, solid column served as the base for a massive Cherub sculpture. The entire setup, part of Genesis car commercial, was close to 10' tall in its final display. A shortened version of the commercial aired in the 2020 Super Bowl.
Massive Column/base in Genesis car commercial
A life size astronaut gets trick. The backpack extends out making the shape much bigger and heavier. This one is the 1969 suit with Buzz Aldrin inside.
Astronaut from July 20, 1969