Colored Sand & Freeze-In Objects

Enhance your event with LA Ice Art’s unbelievable ice logo services crafted precisely
to what you want. At LA Ice Art, we offer a colored sand insert process, which
includes CNC engraved graphics, custom color selection and grafted ice backing to
encapsulate your image in the middle of the block. This process allows us to apply
that needed punch of color that your logo may require. An extra charge may apply
and multiple color combinations are available. Upon request we also offer colored
gels applied to our lighting underneath the ice at no charge. This can tint the entire
sculpture as well.

Printed items such as photos, labels, printed logos, and art can be laminated and
frozen into the ice. This technique is often used for bottle sculptures that require a
perfect label. For freeze-in items, please plan your orders 8 or more days in advance,
as the process takes about that long. Freeze in items are unique and eye catching,
and also one of our specialties. We’ll freeze flowers, shoes, guitars, mementoes,
clothes, and fish, etc. Let us create a memory that lasts a lifetime by contacting LA
Ice Art today!

This 1 block sculpture (2’x 4’H) has green sand inserted into the back side of the ice for a colored look. The white lettering is snow filled on the front.
Banyan Tree
This 3 tiered wedding cake ice sculpture had strawberries frozen into the ice (adds $100) to make for a very unique and memorable wedding display.
Cake with strawberries freeze in
1 block colored sand insert CNC engraved logo. (20”x 40”H)  A splash of color (gel on light) can make a big difference in the final display. If you have a colored theme, we can set you up, no charge.
Sand Scientology Ideal Cross
When Old Navy wanted to freeze 768 pairs of flip-flops into an ice cube that was (7’x 7’x 7’H) and built to be solid all the way through, LA Ice Art delivered. The Santa Monica Pier folks weren’t too happy knowing that it weighed close to 18K lbs., but the happy visitors that collected free sandals all day as it melted were enthusiastic to say the least.  Displayed on 5/26/12.
Cube with sandals freeze-in
   Straight off the rack at Guitar Center in West LA, this guitar fit nicely into a single block of clear ice.  (20”x 40”H)
Guitar frozen in Ice
   Revelers love giant ice sculptures and this brand was nicely placed in a 6’ tall beer bottle sculpt. Photos are laminated and then frozen into ice blocks. Finally, they are sculpted into the desired shape.
Miller laminate freeze-in
This is a great example of a full block base. (See  IMAX logo with bottle display base) The larger size makes a bigger impression, and the colors of the logo can pop in front of a contrasting background. White is usually not the best color behind a lighted ice sculpture, but in this case, it worked great.  (40”x 40”H)
Sand Naluda logo with full block base
This bottle replica has a CNC logo front, and a freeze-in laminated image on the back. This effect very closely matched the actual bottle and delighted the VIP guests during this pre Grammy brand exposure party in 2013.
Porton bottle with laminate freeze-in
Hundreds of real super balls (provided by client) were frozen in to the fascia structure ice of this Brentwood Country Club, Barmitzva spectacular. Two kid proof luges were available on top and I heard the ice bar was scarcely left alone all night as the boys pondered ways to extract the colorful toys.
Super ball freeze-in Ice Bar
Opening night and screening for the National Guard (in uniform). Thanks Warner Bros., those are the real men of steel. The sculpture, sadly, was only made of ice and sand.  (4’x 5’H)
Superman Shield Sand Logo
Colored sand logo on base. (40”x 30”H)
Sand Toyota logo
Verizon logo, sand back fill
Verizon logo, sand back fill
Cake with strawberry freeze ins
This is a dandy 1 block sculpture with 2 color sand. (20”x 40”)
Colored Sand logo for Dave and Busters
    Displayed on 6-15-17, this creative setup was the inspiration of the executive chef from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. Freezing items into ice takes a week generally, so please make your requests as early as possible.
Fish freeze Display
These blocks were loaded with fashion accessories laid out in a compositional design.
Shoes, purses frozen in ice
This ice bar fascia has brass letters frozen into it. It was the toast of this holiday party. Smuggler Entertainment did want there letters back.
Bar 4’ Smuggler- freeze in letters
Sand 2 color Hitejinro logo stack-decorative base
Sand 2 color Hitejinro logo stack decorative base
    2 color logos went over big at this event which called for multiple deliveries to San Diego, CA.
Sand Coolsculpt Snowflake
   I had fun sculpting the giant football helmet on the top of this ice logo. Overall it was quite large. (4’x 5’H) 3 blocks
Sand Coors Light Logo
Bottle freeze in that's half melted for photo shoot.
Product bottle freeze in
Sand Gold Monogram Cop
Sand Grinder Logo Luge
The shape of ice can effect and/or compliment an engraved logo so placement and design awareness is key. The curvature of thickness relating to the base on this sculpture added a cool element, which added to the logo theme. Blue sand insert worked well to really make the logo pop.  A decorative base added here raises the height and also allows for a luge to be installed, if you’d like.  (4’x 3’H)
Sand Jet Blue logo in ice with base
This logo was done with colored sand, and the CNC engraved text below is snow filled (white). 2 Blocks, (40”x 40”H)
Sand Kia logo with large decorative base
1 block with graft base, (30”x 30”H)
Sand Lakers Logo
1 block sand fill ice sculpture with 2 colors and elevated with a decorative base (40”x 30”H).
Sand Li ning on base
 Displayed on the this law firms conference table, high up in a downtown LA office building, this 2 block sculpture was a nice addition to their Holiday party. (40”x 30”H)
Sand Law Firm logo with Scales engraved on base
2 color sand insert, shadow cut logo. (20”x 40”H)
Sand Tru Blume logo
2 color sand insert, shadow cut on elevated base. 2 block, (40”x 40”H)
Sand Organo logo with full block base