Colored Sand & Freeze-In Objects

Enhance your event with LA Ice Art’s unbelievable ice logo services crafted precisely
to what you want. At LA Ice Art, we offer a colored sand insert process, which
includes CNC engraved graphics, custom color selection and grafted ice backing to
encapsulate your image in the middle of the block. This process allows us to apply
that needed punch of color that your logo may require. An extra charge may apply
and multiple color combinations are available. Upon request we also offer colored
gels applied to our lighting underneath the ice at no charge. This can tint the entire
sculpture as well.

Printed items such as photos, labels, printed logos, and art can be laminated and
frozen into the ice. This technique is often used for bottle sculptures that require a
perfect label. For freeze-in items, please plan your orders 8 or more days in advance,
as the process takes about that long. Freeze in items are unique and eye catching,
and also one of our specialties. We’ll freeze flowers, shoes, guitars, mementoes,
clothes, and fish, etc. Let us create a memory that lasts a lifetime by contacting LA
Ice Art today!

Football ice sculpture
One block male torso (20”X 40”H)
Male nude ice sculpture
Egyptians probably didn’t have ice blocks to sculpt, but if they did, they might have done this. (20”x 40”H)
King Tutt mask in ice
This was a three-block sculpture for the Chinese New year in 2017. It was very heavy (400 lbs.) and took 7 men, all very determined, to place it on it’s display perch.   (3’x 3’x 6”H)
Monkey ice sculpture
This is a 2 block sculpt with logo engraved. (40”x 40”H)  Theme parties involving the mystique of Studio 54 keep popping up in my world, and I’m always happy to make it happen.       This party, which was held at The Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, featured Debbie Harry from Blondie singing with her band to the very excited party goers which included myself, and Ice Wrangler Hall of Fame member, Tommy Blatnik.
NY skyline Studio 54 in ice
Presented at the famous Langham Huntington Pasadena Hotel, this sculpture was specifically requested by the host, and no it was not Ringo Starr.
Octopus ice sculpture
Presented at a Disney company party, this Frozen character was grafted together from two ice blocks, and adorned with stick from a tree, charcoal, and the fattest carrot I could find. (3’x 2’x 5’H)
Olaf-Frozen ice sculpture
An old school classic, I’ve been making this sculpt since the 80s. It’s an excellent 1 block sculpture for many themes.  (20”x 40”H)
Palm tree ice sculpture
Dog are fun to make and I must have been quite happy that this one came out so well using 1 block with grafts. (3’x 3’H)
Poodle ice sculpture with Rex
This was for a baby shower and a sculpture likeness of the woman. (20”x 40”H)
Pregnant woman in ice
2 block sculpt (4’x 2’x 3’H)
River boat with paddle wheel ice sculpture
I had the great pleasure to set up this 9' Giraffe under the wing of the Space Shuttle Endeavour tonight. The wing was only 5' above the giraffes' head, and you could read the numbers on all the tiles. My new tallest animal sculpt! Big thanks to Bear. 4 blocks design.
Giraffe ice sculpture
This was for a 70s party and it’s the only Rubix Cube I’ve ever made. The colorful lights underneath the ice brought things to life when the sun finally set. 2 block sculpt (2’x 2’x 3’H)
Rubix Cube ice sculpt
Using 3 blocks with grafts to make, this extinct animal came back to life on the very grounds that it used to dwell upon. LACMA prides itself on it’s tar pits, where scores of relic from the prehistoric age have been recovered. (7’x 4’H)
Saber tooth Tiger ice sculpture
For all Holiday events, a large cutout snowflake adds elegance and  a unique winter theme.  (40” diameter)  This sculpt can also serve well as an “on site” live demo piece. Call for pricing
Snowflake ice sculpture, 4’
One block ice sculpture of Eagle swooping down to grab a fish in talons.
Eagle with Fish
2 block version of this iconic statue.  (2’x 2’x 6’H)
Statue of David in ice
Standing proudly at 5 ½’ tall, this American icon is a popular ice sculpture choice. We have done this one in all sizes including 10’ tall for Seth McFarland.
Statue of Liberty in ice
2 block sculpt (40”x 40”)
Swordfish ice carving
This one was on display at UCLA for an international tennis tournament. It just so happens that Andre Agassi won it that year.
Trophy ice sculpture
Suitable for any tropical theme and sculpted from 1 block of ice. (20”x 40”H)
Tropical Fish ice sculpture
This sculpture goes way back to the 80s. I haven’t done one since, but maybe you’ll be the one?  1 block sculpt (20”x 40”)
Unicycle in ice.
Using a graft to connect separate pieces, this Disney inspired slipper ice sculpture was created with 1 block and then placed on an ice platter for a solid base. (Tray footprint  42”x 22”)  Total size of display  (4’x 2’x 3’H)
Glass slipper of Cinderella in ice
Photographed in the freezer before its royal appearance, this large vase was presented in a round tray with sub-lighting (provided by LA Ice Art) at a 5 star wedding. The floral bouquet on top of it was enormous. The table location however, had no power, so we placed the remote battery powered alternator rig under the table. This will give you 6-8 hours of lighting power no matter where you want your ice sculpture (rental item).  Vase dimensions: 20” diameter top x 42” height (raised 5” more on the light).  Tray footprint: 3’ diameter.
Royal Vase ice sculpture (20”x 42”H)
The zebra stripes here were created with snow fill in routed grooves. This concludes our A-Z photo list
Zebra in ice
Delta Gamma Sorority uses this anchor sculpt to commemorate it’s rush events, but mariners across the realm are reaching to fetch it’s uses. Recently one was lugified, but that’s another photo album.  1 ½ block ice sculpture (3’x 5’H)
Anchor ice sculpture
 This 6’ tall rendition of the Greek statue “Apollo “ was sadly used as a burn test dummy for Katy Perry’s Grammy performance rehearsal. Shortly after this photo was taken, the sculpture was immersed in flames and melted from 450 lbs. to 250 lbs. in less than 3 minutes. The fate of Apollo the God was not so cruel, but the show must go on.
Apollo in ice
The male version of this statue can get heavy in more ways than one.  Attempting to look like solid gold, this 3 block version was over 400 lbs., and measured (4’x 4’H x 2’)
Buddha ice sculpture
 Attempting to capture the exact form, this Warner Bros character was used for a photo shoot and future digital content. (20”x 40”H)
Bugs Bunny ice sculpture
This 2 block sculpture was for Mariah Carey’s Grammy after party in Hollywood, California, 2012 (4’x 4’H).  The lightbox (under the sculpture) has a blue gel which is reflecting off the snow filled etchings on the butterfly.
Butterfly ice sculpture, Mariah Carey