Custom Equipment Displays

LA Ice Art features custom ice sculpture display equipment that will make your ice sculpture the hit of the party. With multiple sizes from big to small, and varying light combinations, we have you covered.

Rental items include trays, waterproof lights, and 24' freezer van for on set uses and deliveries for ice bars and large ice displays. LA Ice Art serves all surrounding areas of Los Angeles, Hollywood, and California.

This custom built, 30 lbs. tray has built in lights and a drainage tube off the back for trickle drain.
Elite Ice Tray with Light
Pedestals for Ice Bars
Ice Bar Pedestal
Different tray wraps or skirting can match your event colors, etc.
Elite Ice Tray with wrap
Sub light boxes go underneath ice sculptures to light them from direct contact which allows the light to penetrate and refract throughout the sculpture. Colored gels can be placed on the light to tint the entire ice sculpture.
Sub Lights for Ice Sculptures
Elite Ice Trays can be lit with remote power for 5-7 hours. (Rental item)
Remote Power Rig and Elite Trays
Freightliner 24' freezer van for large ice sculpture deliveries and ice bars.
Freezer Van 24'
This heavy duty pedestal is of knee hight and supports tall ice sculptures like statues. A cloth or linen is thrown over it, and it conceals the drainage container underneath.
Knee-high Pedestal for Statues
A disposable (or recyclable) plastic tray can be used for locations that do not require lighting.
Plastic Tray 18"x 24"
Large aluminum ice tray with drain hose. 42"x 22"
Aluminum Tray 42"x 22"
Aluminum 3' Tray x 22"
Aluminum 3' Tray with sub light
Specialty trays
Specialty acrylic display trays