Industry Resume

Talent References:

Date Project Network/Medium Comments
8-29-20 Keurig II TV Commercial Production Scenic Design Mark McKeon
Date Project Network/Medium Comments
April 12 Lavazza Coffee Print ad Props DD
April 19 Emperor of Malibu CBS TV Pilot Prop Master Jim Landis
Date Project Network/Medium Comments
Feb 2 Game show TV series Producer Seth Frye
Feb 7 Commercial European broadcast Set Design Paul Dove
March 9 The Incredibles promo TV commercial Production Steve Eaton
March 23 Music Video Set Designer Art Director Donald Cawley
April 1 Mountain Dew Social media campaign Art Coordination Chris Berry
May 8 Adult Ed TV Series Producer Maud Waterman
May 23 You Tube Media Campaign Director/Producer Nick Uhas
August 13 Carpool Karaoke TV Series Prop Master Rand Sagers
September 7 Kash Doll Music Video Scenic Designer Steven Taylor
September 28 Jimmy Kimmel live TV Show Prop Master David Scott
October 4 LA's Finest Feature film, Sony Prop Master Karin McGaughley
October 12 Game Show Confetti Facebook Live broadcast Producer Talia Harari
October 17 The Laundromat Feature film Prop Master Brad Einhorn, Director Steven Soderburgh
Date Project Network/Medium Comments
Jan 17 Chef TV Series, Triage Entertainment Set Decorator Erin Smith
Jan 22 Knives TV Series, Triage Entertainment Production Jen Chu
Feb 20 Hells Kitchen Fox TV Production Tessa Pelias
Mar 7 LAbyrinth Feature film, Good Films Production Scenic Design Lisa Tong
Mar 24 Bizaardvark TV series Production Britt Woods
Mar 30 Angie Tribeca TV series Production Michael Angelos
May 7 MTV Movie Awards TV broadcast Production Lisa Nelson
May 10 Iggy Azalia Music Video Production Jessie English
May 24 The Good Place TV series Prop Master Gay Perello
May 30 Roman J. Israel, Esq. Feature Film Sony Pictures Production Designer Kevin Cavanaugh
Jun 14 You make it you break it TV series Set Designer Dan Siegel
Jun 29 Andrea Russett TV series Production Jason Duffy
Sep 22 Faking It Music Video Producer Alex Pacion, Regina Morgan Munoz
Sep 29 Geostorm promo Twitch Ad livestream Production David Cannizzaro
Oct 6 Music Video TV Producer Jeff Guillot, Danny Gomez
Nov 2 Marlboro Website Video Production Brendan Kling
Date Project Network/Medium Comments
Feb 1 Access Hollywood TV Series Sara Jane Colgin
Feb 12 Last Tycoon TV Series Props Gregory Edgar
Mar 5 Apple TV commercial Scenic Design Slade Hammer
Mar 17 Good Fortunes Fox TV Series Prop Master David Glazer
Mar 22 Charity Case ABC TV Series Set Design Sean Brennan
Mar 29 Dodge TV commercial Prop Master Mark McKeon
Apr 1 Cruel Intentions TV Series Set Design Karen Riemenschneider
Jul 16 Housewives of Beverly Hills TV Series Production Sarah Wade
Aug 20 Audi TV commercial Set Design Kerry Lane, Alan Petherick
Nov 2 Glow Netflix Series Prop Master Pola Schreiber
Nov 14 Pizza Hut TV commercial Production Christophe Dahdah
Nov 15 Carmax TV commercial Prop master Bryan Mitchell, Gerry Sullivan
Date Project Network/Medium Comments
Jan 21 Icicles Sports Science Art Direction Haley Press
Mar 17 Flames Brazil commercial Art Department Harrisson
Oct 21 Allstate TV commercial Prop Master Tom Wilkins
Nov 9 Skin Wars Media Scenic Designer Dave Corey
Date Project Network/Medium Comments
Jan 12 Bud Light Superbowl commercial Director Irv Fritz
Jan 14 Mortdecai Feature film, Lions Gate Pictures Set Decorator Karen O’Hara
Feb 11 Dunkin Donuts TV commercial Art Direction T. Hunter McCann, Director Craig Brownrigg
Feb 19 Kelsey Grammer/Martin Lawrence Project TV Series Prop Master Gabriel Higgins
Feb 25 Computer Discount Warehouse TV commercial Production Designer Janet Nelson, Director Joe Pytka
Mar 5 Smirnoff TV commercial Production Designer Craig Reynolds
May 1 Verizon TV commercial Art Director Rob Pearson
May 19 Brazil/Soccer TV commercial Art Direction Lara Wickes
Aug 1 Jane the Virgin TV Series Prop Master Doug Keena
Aug 13 Dodge TV commercial Prop Master Zephyr Beck
Date Project Network/Medium Comments
January 10 In Bed with Joan Reality TV Episode APOC Alan Brooks
April 17 Daft Punk photo shoot Print ads Photographer Sebastian Micke
May 29 Budweiser TV commercial Art direction Jocquin Grey, Steven Renick
July 11 Hello Ladies HBO TV series Prop Master Phillip Shea
Oct. 21 Bud Light TV commercial Art Director Annie Sperling
Dec 18 Neighbors Disney TV series Set Decorator Erica Rogalla
Date Project Network/Medium Comments
January 14 Burt Wonderstone Feature film, Warner Bros. Pictures Prop Master Andrea Fenton
February 12 Grammy Telecast CBS TV Art Directors Bay Halpin, Matt Stein
February 14 90210 CBS TV Series Episode 421 Prop Master Alan Sims
March 12 Luck HBO Series Set Decorator James Kent
March 21 Playboys Foursome Reality TV Episode Segment Producer Cristy Michel
April 10 Storage Wars A&E TV Series Talent Barry Weiss, Personal appearance
June 12 Movie Director Nick Cassavetes
July 25 Real Housewives of Bev. Hills Reality TV Episode Krystal Perez
August 17 The League TV Episode Production Designer David Saenz De Maturana
August 29 Happy Endings TV Series Prop Master Gabriel Higgins
September 8 Hells Kitchen Fox TV Series, Episode 1116 Art Director Scott Moses
November 1 90210 CBS TV Series, Season 5 Prop Master Melissa Feinberg
December 7 Trophy Wives TV Episode Art Director Mark Satterley
Date Project Network/Medium Comments
January 24 Late Late Show with Craig Furguson CBS Series Leigh Hale
Febuary 22 Coors Light TV Commercial Director Irv Wood
March 24 Rizzoli & Isles TV Series Art Director Nigel Clinker
April 19 Hells Kitchen Fox TV Episode 9th Season, Episode 9
April 22 Luck HBO Series Prop Master Peter Clark
August 9 Don’t Tell the Bride Reality TV Episode Personal appearance
August 12 Coors Light TV Commercial Designer Kenny Averill
August 15 The Office NBC TV Series Prop Master Phillip Shea
August 28 Parks and Recreation TV Series Prop Master Gay Perello
September 14 Revenge ABC TV Series Designer John Andersen
December 14 Felicia Day with a Chainsaw Web Video Flog, Ep 5 Felicia Day
Date Project Network/Medium Comments
January 15 It’s Effin’ Science TV Episode
April 23 Tecate TV Commercial See Video on this site
June 29 Chase Bank TV Commercial Starring Chevy Chase
July 22 90210 CBS TV Art Director Mark Satterlee
October 22 Bright House TV Commercial Giant swan sculpt.
November 4 Turbo Tax TV Commercial Art Production Designer Kirt Johnson